The Stateline Manufacturing Alliance (SMA) is an eclectic group of manufacturing employers, and partner organizations, that are focused on creating greater exposure, engagement and interest in manufacturing jobs and careers for youth and adults alike. SMA members actively share information and data, as well as strategically collaborate with each other on activities, initiatives and programming. Additional SMA information is provided below.

Mission Statement: The Stateline Manufacturing Alliance (SMA) will serve as a regional catalyst for talent recruitment and development in the fields of advanced manufacturing through collective efforts, initiatives and partnerships.

Purpose Statement: The SMA is a collaborative, supportive and engaged stakeholder group - comprised of regional manufacturers, educators and community partners - that is committed to collectively addressing, as well as supporting, youth and adult talent pipeline development needs of manufacturers.

SMA Committees: To date, there are more than 50 organizaitons, from SC WI and Northern IL, engaged in the SMA and the majority of those are active in one or more of the following SMA Committees.

  • Manufacturing Pathways Development: Works closely with industry and K-12 partners to develop SMA-related programming and awareness (e.g. manufacturing college credit programs in high school, mentorship programs, etc.) to support building the area’s manufacturing talent pipeline. This committee also facilitates member to member information sharing and best practices.
  • Events & Activities and Marketing & Communications: Promotes the SMA to industry, K-12 and the entire community through a variety of marketing and media channels, activities and promotion (e.g. This committee is responsible for creating various electronic and/or hard copy SMA promotional and messaging materials).Plans and facilitates SMA-related events and activities, providing enhanced and targeted manufacturing exposure to youth, parents and the community (e.g. Manufacturing Days, Youth Apprenticeship Lunch & Learn, Signing Day, etc.).
  • Administration (Governance & Steering): Provides governance and strategic leadership to the SMA; and it also performs various administrative and budgeting functions.

In-kind and financial support for the SMA is primarily provided by participating members. Meanwhile, organizational and research assistance to the SMA is provided by Blackhawk Technical College and the area's network of economic / workforce service providers

For additional SMA information, including details about membership and participation, click here and/or contact: Colleen Koerth ([email protected] or 608-743-4597).