Rock Internship Program

[NOTE: For a recap of the 2023 program, click here. The application window for the 2024 has closed.]

The purpose of the summer Rock Internship Program is to accelerate personal, as well as professional, skills development and career-related exposure for rising High School Seniors. This structured, earn-and-learn (paid internship @ $13 per hour) model will provide students with a meaningful, career pathway experience that will serve as a foundational element of their Academic & Career Plan (ACP); thereby, positioning students for future academic and workplace success. As such, students will gain: valuable interviewing, job searching and resume building experience; direct, career exposure at a worksite; opportunities to develop or improve communication, critical thinking, leadership and teamwork skills; and important networking connections. These internship placements are competitive, and determined by a combination of factors, including but not limited to: match-making / compatibility with student ACP's and the types of available internships.

The summer 2024 Rock Internship Program will last for a total of six weeks, beginning on June 7th or June 10th with a Signing and Orientation Day. Then on June 10th or the 11th, students will report to their designated worksites. Interns are required to work at least 20 hours per week; and maximum hours per week will be capped at 30 hours. The last day of the program will be July 26th. A sampling of the types of internships, as well as the participating businesses, is provided below. Please note, the program's dates and participants are subject to change. 

The Rock Internship Program is a collaborative talent development offering supported by participating employers, Blackhawk Technical College, the County of RockRock County 5.0 and the Southwest Wisconsin Workforce Development Board.

Participating Employers


Student Participation & Eligibility Requirements

  • Students must be at least 16 years and a resident of Rock County, WI, by the Signing and Orientation Day; and be eligible to work in the U.S. and Rock County, WI.
  • Students must be entering their senior year of High School, as identified and/or recognized by the Wisconsin Department of Instruction or an accredited education organization.
  • Students must have parental and/or legal guardian consent and be able to document said consent, by the Signing and Orientation Day.
  • Students must have reliable transportation, ensuring full access and participation as it relates to every program obligation outlined with the Rock Internship Student Manual and the Internship Program Participation Agreement [NOTE: Additional TBD requirements may be required by the worksite.].
  • Students must commit to work at least 20 hours per week during their internship.
  • Students must either have an active ACP; be making progress toward fulfilling and/or meeting district-specific ACP requirements; and/or have documentation of a current personal statement of career and educational goals that align with the Rock Internship program.
  • Students must apply online and submit a completed application (e.g. including one Letter of Reference from an existing district staff or faculty member and an electronic version of either an ACP or a personal statement of career and educational goals) between January 8, 2024 and February 16, 2024 [The 2024 application window has closed.].

Internships Available

Architecture & Engineering (Civil Engineering)

Architecture & Engineering

As a part of our Architecture team, you will be learning about the different roles and responsibilities related to developing plans and specifications for designing and constructing buildings.

As a member of our civil engineering team, you will assist in the design and construction management of various transportation, land/site development, infrastructure, and facility improvement projects. We provide a supportive work atmosphere, where you will be mentored by respected leaders in the Civil Engineering/Surveying Profession. Project opportunities may range from interstate reconstruction field inspection, along the I-39 corridor to local government infrastructure (e.g. Town, City and County) and private sector redevelopment design or field inspection. Examples of duties you may be performing include:

  • Provide assistance to the Project Manager for Construction projects, including maintaining project records and documentation
  • Provide assistance on design projects including plan preparation, data collection, report writing and design field review
  • Provide assistance on traditional construction layout projects and stake-less paving operations
  • Provide assistance in the inspection of highway culverts and local road reconditioning/reconstruction
  • Provide assistance in the inspection of private sector development
  • Other duties as assigned. 


Aviation (Avionics)

Helicopter Specialties' Avionics Technician Intern will assist with the projects which are aligned with the design, layout, installation and troubleshooting of airframe electrical/autopilots and avionics associated primarily with EMS, Electronic News Gathering and Airborne Law Enforcement helicopters. Other tasks wand duties may be assigned, as well. 

Business Management and Administration (General)

Business Management & Administration (General Administration Assistant)

The main function of the YWCA Rock County General Administration Assistant is to work with the Executive Director to help with the day-to-day services of the YWCA. Rock County and help execute upcoming events. By supporting the working operations of the organization, the YWCA will be able to establish effective communications with the people we serve and carry out the organization’s mission. Below is a sampling of the duties and responsibilities associated with this internship.

  • Assist with communication of day-to-day program operations
  • Provide support for receiving and recording donations as needed
  • Assist with Care House Golf Outing and Juneteenth Celebration events.
  • Work occasional nights and weekends for events
  • Step in for the receptionist during breaks, which may include answering phones and preparing mailings.
  • Maintain confidentiality of data information.
  • Work on projects designated by the Executive Director
  • Other duties as assigned


Education & Human Services (Childcare)

The candidate chosen for this internship will support the Stateline YMCA's childcare services, by working with Lead and Assistant Teachers, Coordinators, and the Director to provide a safe, fun, and quality experience to children and parents that focuses on the YMCA values of caring, honesty, responsibility, and respect.   

The Intern will likely perform the following functions:

 • Assist childcare teachers and coordinator in implementing daily lesson/activity plans. 

• Learn to create daily lesson and activity plans that align with organizational goals and curriculum guidelines. 

• Supervise children, classroom, and all activities, ensuring safety of all. 

• Under supervision of childcare teachers, follow state licensing rules. 

• Make ongoing, systematic observations and evaluations of each child and report any problems to lead teacher, coordinator, or director.  Learn appropriate documentation methods. 

• Maintain positive relationships with children, parents, and other staff. Model relationship-building skills in all interactions. 

• Assist childcare teachers in maintaining program site, including equipment. Report all needs/problems to lead teacher, coordinator, or Director. 

• Under supervision of childcare teachers, maintain required program records and paperwork. 

• Attend and participate in program activities, staff meetings, staff training, and continuing education. 

• Other duties as assigned. 


Construction (Junior Craftsman / Youth Laborer)


Under the direction of the General Superintendent of Trades, the Junior Craftsman / Youth Laborer assists crewmembers in accordance with company policies and procedures. This position requires the candidate to have the ability and willingness to travel to-and-from various CCI project locations.


ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES (other duties may be assigned) :

  • Assist Carpenters with clean up.
  • Assist Superintendent with job site clean up.
  • Assist Carpenters with specific tasks being performed.
  • Keep project site clean and appearance professional daily.
  • Ensure vehicle and equipment is cleaned and maintained as it is used.
  • Maintains equipment and tools in good condition with all safety guards and features in place when in operation.
  • Utilizes tools & equipment trained to operate and requests training when needed.
  • Ensure proper signing in/out procedures is completed as equipment/material is used.
  • Use, maintain, and inspect safety equipment and personal protective equipment prior to use.
  • Performs tasks safely and doesn’t attempt to complete without the proper training.
  • Knows location of first aid kit, fire extinguisher, MSDS, egress routes and emergency information when reporting to jobsite.
  • Attend and participate in all required safety trainings and toolbox talks.
  • Project a positive image (appearance, language, behavior) at all times with customers, vendors, subcontractors, visitors and fellow associates.
  • Motivate fellow associates to achieve desirable production rates and set the standard for quality work.

Education & Human Services

Education & Human Services Navigator

The candidate chosen for this internship will support BTC's Recruitment, Welcome Center, and Student Services Division. In addition, the intern will also provide support to BTC's CARE Center - which helps connect and direct students to various on-campus academic / career and other related human services and resources.

The Intern will likely perform the following functions:

  • Providing quality customer service over the phone and in person with BTC faculty, staff, students, and guests of the College.
  • Greet new and returning students at campus events, such as Advising, Registration, Orientation events
  • Provide a campus tour.
  • Rotate through learning sessions with each Student Services department.
  • Learn how to answer basic questions about the College, programs, and functions of the Student Services division.
  • Working collaboratively as a member of the CARE Center team.
  • Helping to update and organize campus and community resource information.
  • Planning and facilitating a summer Student Cupboard drive.
  • Designing, organizing, and updating CARE Center bulletin boards.
  • Planning event(s) for summer and fall.
  • Helping develop materials, such as handbook and training for student employees.


Finance (Commercial/Retail Client Service Specialist)

Finance (Johnson Financial Group Commercial/Retail Client Service Specialist Intern)

At Johnson Financial Group, you’ll experience a welcoming culture unlike any other that inspires, challenges, and empowers our team to give their best at work and in the communities where they live. As a member of Johnson Financial Group’s team, the intern will provide support and assistance to Clients and Relationship Manager’s alike. The intern will perform data entry, data collection, analysis reporting, inter-departmental engagement/support and all other duties as assigned.  In doing so, the intern will gain first-hand knowledge and related experience as it pertains to Johnson Financial Group’s customer expectation standards and policies/procedures. The Intern should possess key qualifications, such as: excellent communication, computer skills and confidentiality.


Health Sciences (Administration)

Health Sciences (Administration)


As a Hospital Administration intern, you will play an integral role in caring for our community. Our goal is to ensure that your intern experience is as rewarding for you as it is beneficial for our patients, families, visitors and caregivers.


  • Assist senior executives with day-to-day business operations and administrative support
  • Attend various meetings as assigned and take meeting minutes as needed
  • Complete a rotation throughout various departments
  • Share experience with weekly report outs
  • Work with leadership on special projects and other duties as assigned
  • Work to positively impact the patient care experience by greeting and assisting patients, families and guests throughout the appropriate facility / faciliites

Health Sciences (Cardiology)

Health Sciences (Cardiology)


  • Work to positively impact the patient care experience by greeting and assisting patients, families and guests throughout the Campus
  • Assist leadership with day-to-day business operations and administrative support
  • Clean and tidy rooms after each patient encounter and ensure rooms are adequately stocked
  • Work with Cardiology leadership on special projects and other duties as assigned
  • Rotate through various departments to assist with other duties as assigned




Health Sciences (Environmental & Public Health)

Health Sciences (Rock County Environmental & Public Health Intern)

The Environmental Public Health Intern will be responsible for assisting Rock County Environmental Health staff. Primary responsibilities will be beach, lake, river and stream monitoring to evaluate water quality concerns; conducting a mosquito surveillance monitoring program to assist in evaluating potential vector-borne diseases in the community; and assisting with groundwater monitoring.  The intern would be expected to be able to perform general field collection of samples in a variety of outdoor conditions.  The intern may also provide support to specific public health programs, by presenting materials at health fairs and/or community events.  The internship will also obtain exposure to a large variety of public health roles through job shadowing of sanitarians, health educators, public health nurses, and other public health professionals.  Services are performed under the general supervision of the Environmental Health Director and in partnership with Environmental Health Specialists. However much of the intern’s duties will be conducted independently, in accordance with general instructions and departmental regulations. 




Health Sciences (Lab Assistant)

Health Sciences (Lab Assistant)


The Laboratory Student Assistant is responsible for assigned tasks, assist with the processing of supplies, maintenance and transportation of supplies and specimen samples and for housekeeping duties in the Laboratory.


  • Provides activities as assigned and per routine, according to standards of care, shift routines, and policies and procedures.
  • Answers the pneumatic tube system in a timely manner.
  • Assists with transport of specimens from receiving to testing areas. Performs specimen processing.
  •  Maintains a clean work environment.
  • Maintains supplies, including stocking and ordering new supplies and disposing of expired or damaged supplies.
  • Participates in department quality improvement activities.

Health Sciences (Nursing)

Health Sciences (Nursing)


The Nursing intern will be responsible for assigned tasks; assisting with the unit with stocking; answering call lights; patient sitting; answering phones; and other duties as assigned.


  • Provides activities as assigned and pr routine, according to standards of care, shift routines, and policies and procedures.
  • Answers call lights in a timely manner.
  • Assists with the transport of patients to other units or upon discharge.
  • Maintains a clean work and patient environment.
  • Floats to various inpatient units or the ED, based upon identified patient care needs.
  • Participates in department or unit performance improvement activities.
  • Maintains supplies, stocking, disposing of expired or damaged supplies.

Health Sciences (Perioperative Services)

Health Sciences (Perioperative Services - Two Internship Positions)


The Peri-op Student Assistant is responsible for assigned tasks, assist with the processing of supplies, maintenance and transportation of equipment/supplies and for housekeeping duties in the O.R. Suite and all of the Perioperative departments.


  • Provides activities as assigned and per routine, according to standards of care, shift routines, and policies and procedures.
  • Answers call lights in a timely manner.
  • Assist with transport of patients from inpatient. procedural or emergency department.
  • Report activities provided according to standards.
  • Maintains a clean work and patient environment.
  • Maintains supplies, including stocking and ordering new supplies and disposing of expired or damaged supplies.
  • Floats to various units based on identified needs.
  • Participates in department or unit quality improvement activities.

Health Sciences (Radiology)

Health Sciences (Radiology)

Summer interns will have a combination of experiences from working as a Radiology Aide, to Reception, to job shadowing members of the Radiology team as well as working on special projects.


Escorts or transports patients within hospital or other medical facility by performing the following duties.  Assists with patient exams as requested by technologist, nurse, and physician. May be asked to flex hours/shifts as needed to support the needs of the dept.

Human and Social Services

Human & Social Services Intern

The 2024 Intern will work closely with Senior External and Internal case managers at KANDU Industries, Inc. in programs such as Livin' and Learnin', KANDU Quarters, Adult Day Services, Community Employment and Prevocational program. Intern will develop awareness of services in Rock County that support individuals with disabilities and/or barriers to employment. Intern will also gain experience working with people who have dementia.

Information Technology

Information Technology & Networking

The candidate(s) chosen for an IT intenrship will gain exposure in the following areas/duties:

  • Assist with computer updates including preparing aged equipment for recycle/disposal and deploying new equipment.
  • Assist with computer asset recordkeeping including maintaining logs of equipment relocation, disposal, and deployment.
  • Assist with organization and maintenance of information technology inventory and supplies storage.
  • Assist with classroom projection system testing and battery/device replacement as needed.
  • Assist help desk technicians as needed.
  • Unlocking and resetting passwords
  • Investigating local technical support issues with pcs (e.g. power, screens, peripherals, etc.)
  • Other duties as may be assigned.

Law, Public Safety, Security

As a member of our Security and Public Safety Team, interns will assist with performing various duties and responsibilities that are associated with maintaining a safe, secure and well-informed campus environment, per applicable local, county, national laws - and campus-specific practices and policies. Communication, collaboration and attention to details are just a few of the key skill set areas that our interns will be regularly engaging with, etc.


The Logistics & Supply Chain intern will assist company personnel with performing the following tasks and/or fulfilling these types of responsibilities:

  • Inventory control and recovery
  • Materials management
  • Packaging
  • Procurement and purchasing
  • Product and service development
  • Quality control
  • Shipping & Receiving
  • Warehousing and storage
  • Other duties as assigned

Manufacturing (Engineering)

Manufacturing (Engineering)

The Intern will have an opportunity to work directly with the Engineering Department and the Process Improvement Manufacturing Engineer. Daily responsibilities and duties may include:

  • Drawing/Modifying Engineering Design Drawings
  • Blueprint Reading
  • Working with Basic Engineering Programs
  • Other duties as assigned, etc.

Manufacturing (General)

Manufacturing (General)

As a Manufacturing (General) intern, the candidate will be introduced and/or exposed to the following concepts and applications:

  • The assembly/disassembly of different components, parts and/or systems
  • The calibration of machinery and equipment
  • The confirmation and coordination of supplies and materials
  • Other duties as assigned

Marketing and Graphic Design

The Graphic Design & Marketing Intern will be learning about graphic design, content marketing, website development, campaigns and video production. As an intern, your primary role will be to provide support for firm-wide marketing efforts, including:

  • Graphic design
  • Content development including case studies, blog posts, etc.
  • Ordering promotional items and apparel
  • Collateral development and updates in InDesign
  • Social media content development
  • Website updates using WordPress
  • Capturing project information and visiting jobsites
  • Presentation development
  • Event coordination and logistics
  • Proofreading of proposals and other collateral
  • Market and company research

Employer Participation & Eligibility Requirements

  • Employers must allow individuals under the age of 18 years old into their place of business, as it concerns job shadowing and employment activities. Well supervised interns will not present a problem, provided they are not assigned to “hazardous” duties, as defined by OSHA standards. Additionally, employers must agree to consult with their insurance agents (in advance) to ensure they fully acknowledge and understand how workers compensation coverage and related liability issues will be addressed within the context of the Southwest Wisconsin Workforce Board (SWWDB) serving as the Employer of Record for this program. For more info, see visit these links: WI Guide to Implementing Career-Based Learning Experiences and Guide to WI's Employment of Minors Law.
  • Employers must agree to cover at least 50% of their financial, as well as technical, support for this program - up to $1,750.00 per intern. The remaining 50% of the program's cost will be covered by grant funding procured from the County of Rock. Employers must provide a down payment of $875 per intern by, on or before the program's Signing & Orientation Day.
  • Employers must be in good standing; and in compliance with all applicable local, state and/or federal workplace rules and regulations.
  • Employers must have an established and documented safety plan.
  • Employers must possess a corporate culture that values professional growth and development.
  • Employers must have the organizational capacity to serve as an intern worksite, as demonstrated by past / current earn-and-learn participation and/or other related experiential learning activities (e.g. internships, apprenticeships, job shadowing, mentoring, etc.).
  • Employers must offer a comprehensive, holistic internship experience that extends beyond a specific subject or core competency. For examples, an intern working for a metal fabrication business should be exposed to more than the company’s welding and fabrication operations.
  • Employers must assign a primary contact as the intern worksite supervisor and also provide a secondary or back-up intern contact. The worksite supervisor must participate in the intern interview process; as well as attend the Signing and Orientation Day, and the Graduation Day, events.
  • Employers must agree to work collaboratively and communicate frequently with the Internship Coordinator throughout the Rock Internship Program. This engagement includes, but is not limited to: intern selection and onboarding activities; onsite visits; weekly phone/email communications and related follow-ups; reviewing and signing time sheets, etc.
  • Employers must agree to, if requested, permit the Internship Coordinator to perform a criminal background check to authentic the character of the intern worksite supervisor.
  • Employers must agree to strictly adhere, as well as enforce, the program’s guidelines (download a copy of the Rock Internship Employer Manual).


2024 Internship Calendar & Work Schedule

[NOTE: Dates are subject to change]

  • January 8 - February 16, 2024: Student application open and close dates.
  • April 1 - May 10, 2024: Onsite (school) district intern interviews; employer and intern interviews. Specific dates and times TBA.
  • May 13 - May 24, 2024: Internship placement confirmations.
  • June 7 (or June 10), 2024: Intern Signing and Orientation Day. This is a paid, work-day event that includes various on-boarding and pre-employment activities. In addition, interns will participate in a Power Skills and a Rock Internship Capstone preparation session, too. Location and schedule TBA.
  • June 10 - June 14, 2024: Week 1 of 6; interns report to their worksites. 
  • June 17 – June 21, 2024: Week 2 of 6; interns report to their worksites. 
  • June 24 - June 28, 2024: Week 3 of 6; interns report to their worksites.
  • July 1 – July 5, 2024  Program breaks for the July 4th Holiday [NOTE: If agreed upon in advance, interns may have the ability to work a partial week]
  • July 8 - July 12, 2024: Week 4 of 6; interns report to their worksites. Interns are required to submit their draft Capstone presentations.
  • July 15 - July 19, 2024: Week 5 of 6; interns report to their worksites. Interns are required to submit their final Capstone presentations.
  • July 22 - July 26, 2024: Week 6 of 6; interns report to their worksites.
  • July 26, 2024: Graduation Day event and Capstone presentations. Specific time and location TBA.

For additional information, email Molly Markley at [email protected] .