Reverse Placement Program

Despite a strong series of interviews and making it to the final round, that employment offer went to another candidate. Receiving that type of news is difficult, especially considering the amount of time and effort you dedicated toward that job search. Although you’re frustrated, don’t sweat it – because that effort was not wasted.

In Rock County, we have found a way to expedite the employment search process for pre-qualified candidates and eliminate the need to start over each time. Through our Reverse Placement Program (RPP), top-level executives and human resource professionals have access to your resume and credentials; thus, skipping a number of time-consuming job and/or candidate searching steps for employers and prospective employees alike. In short, this RPP places you back to the front of the line for future job opportunities — and, in some cases, before new openings are even posted!

Not only does our RPP eliminate the need to start at ground zero for every new position, it speeds up the hiring process, too. The end result is that you spend less time waiting and more time moving on with your life. Participating in this RPP is quick and easy, so make sure that you remind your interviewer about your interest in participating in this value-added, employment search program.

reverse placement

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